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Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Lykes House for Sale

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Dec 20, 2017

The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Phoenix home is set to hit the market early 2018. Get an inside look at the home.

Just before his death in 1959, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Norman Lykes House. Apprentice John Rattenbury was appointed the architect for the home following Wright’s passing, and the project was built in 1967.

The Phoenix home is built into the side of the mountain, offering breathtaking views of the city. Wright designed the home specifically for the rocky, uneven site.

“This circular home with rounded windows and walls, custom built in furniture, and a crescent shaped pool is perched on a mountain overlooking Phoenix with a 180 degree view from the living room.  Spectacular inside and out, yet noticeably calming,  its curves follow the mountain backdrop.” – Anne Stupp, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Trustees



The home, originally designed with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, now has three bedrooms with a larger master bedroom.  The space offers the same stunning view as from the living room, and opens to a small balcony.

An abundance of storage space can be found throughout the house, with the original built-ins lining the hallways and walls.

Adjacent to the circular kitchen and living room, there is a small television room, which was originally designed as a workspace. Next to the room is a narrow, spiral staircase leading up to an office.

“Phoenix is fortunate to have this and other Wright homes to show off.” – Maja Wessels, Chair, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Trustees

Click and drag the image above to see a 360 degree photo of the living room.

News and updates from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation