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Effective August 12th, 2021, masks are required for everyone in indoor public areas at Taliesin West, regardless of vaccination status.

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Thoughtful preservation of a legacy

Preservation is at the heart of everything the Foundation does. We are committed to thoughtful and thorough preservation and stewardship of Taliesin (Wisconsin), Taliesin West (Arizona), and the Taliesin Collections (both Taliesins) – which includes significant collections of art, artifacts, furnishings, prototypes, personal effects and ephemera, and more. Preservation is our highest and deepest obligation. The inherent value of preserving these unparalleled Wright works and collections for generations to come is a public trust that we take very seriously. In addition, the inspiration of the two Taliesins is central to all of our educational and public programs. With your support, the Foundation is able to preserve and care for Taliesin, Taliesin West, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy to help inspire and engage future generations.

At the same time that we’ve dramatically increased year-to-year care and preservation of the two Taliesins, we are working to research and clearly articulate how Taliesin West was developed and how it should be cared for in the future.  The first step in this work was the development of the Taliesin West Preservation Master Plan, a plan that outlines: what needs to be preserved, to what level, why, how will it be accomplished, and how much will it cost. Internationally renowned architect Gunny Harboe, FAIA, led the process, and experts from around the country in preservation, history, and Wright, have been working with Harboe’s team, Foundation staff, and Foundation Trustees to develop the plan.

In October of 2016, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation gathered some of the nation’s leading experts in historic preservation at Taliesin West for a summit focused on values-based strategies for the restoration and conservation of the National Historic Landmark.

Preservation Master Plan

A full copy or summary of the Preservation Master Plan can be downloaded from the links below.  We view the plan as a working draft (living document) and we welcome peer review and comments. Please email to


The Taliesin West Preservation Master Plan, combined with research that has already been undertaken at Taliesin will give the organization a clear view of the long-term comprehensive preservation needs and priorities for these two international landmarks – for the first time in the organization’s history.

While we work on next step preservation priorities outlined in the Preservation Master Plan, the Foundation is focusing on critical ongoing/annual care and urgent capital preservation. Our main focus right now is addressing years of deferred maintenance. Important projects include major wood replacement, painting the campus, upgrading/updating run-down residential and office space, repairing and replacing outdated and defunct mechanical systems, repairing unsafe electrical conditions throughout the property, replacing plumbing infrastructure that is meeting the end of its service limits, upgrading waste water treatment plant and drinking water system, sealing and patching leaking roofs, and addressing mold remediation caused by years of leaking roofs. Urgent projects right now include significant infrastructure repairs and other projects essential to safety and comfort of visitors, students, staff, and residents.

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