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Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Celebrates Arizona Archives Month

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Oct 26, 2018

This year, in celebration of Arizona Archives Month, we shared a photo from our collections each Friday in October.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation collections are stored and displayed at both Taliesin and Taliesin West, consisting of thousands of objects, artifacts, and materials, including Wright-designed furniture and decorative objects, his Asian art collections, textiles, ceramics, Oriental rugs, historic building parts, Native American pottery and baskets, 41,000 volumes of architecture/design books and journals, and musical instruments.

For October 2018 Arizona Archives Month, we shared with our followers, an item from the collections each Friday. Below you’ll find a recap of the posts, as well as information about each item. Be sure to follow along on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where we’ll continue to share posts that give insight into Wright’s incredible legacy.


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OCTOBER 5, 2018

This dress, worn by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Heloise Crista, is part of our costumes collection. Music and dance performances were a very important part of life for the Wrights and the Fellowship. The Wrights’ daughter, Iovanna, choreographed dances for the annual Festivals of Music and Dance held at Taliesin West, and the costumes were designed and made by the Fellowship. This dress is meant to represent “Water” for a dance called “Elements,” which also included costumes for Air, Fire and Earth.



OCTOBER 12, 2018

In 1955, Frank Lloyd Wright introduced his first commercial line of furnishings and textiles, including an extensive line of fabrics and wall coverings for F. Schumacher and Co. This textile is Design 106 of the “Taliesin Line,” a lovely fabric of printed rayon, cotton, and mohair. At the same time, Wright introduced a line of furniture, a selection of rug designs, and a color palette of paints, all with the intent to bring great design into every home.


Step behind the scenes into the collection vault for a private view of selected works from Frank Lloyd Wright’s personal art collection, on a Private Collections Tour. While many objects remain on display in the interpretive spaces, other pieces treasured by the architect are too fragile for display outside of museum environments. These include Japanese prints, textiles and exceptional books shared in this special limited showing.



OCTOBER 19, 2018

This night rendering by Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice William Wesley Peters depicts his design for the Court of the Seven Seas in Santa Cruz, California. The Court of the Seven Seas was described by Peters as “an organic complement of the spectacular magnificence of the Santa Cruz site to provide an objective where the traveler may find a center of concentrated beauty and interest unique in the world.” The rendering is part of our collections of the work of the Taliesin Associated Architects, the architecture firm created by Wright’s apprentices following his passing. Photo by Margaret Wright.


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OCTOBER 26, 2018

This unlined woman’s kimono, traditionally know as a kosode, is part of our Asian arts collection. The pattern on this lovely early 18th century piece (Edo period) depicts wisteria and fish nets and is made of silk crepe with silk embroidery, stenciled dotted patterns, couched gold-wrapped threads and painting. Frank Lloyd Wright collected many Japanese textiles, both complete garments and fragments, which he used in his interiors especially at Taliesin as decorative accents.

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