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Frank Lloyd Wright changed the way we build and the way we live. We use Wright’s revolutionary design concepts to educate and inspire people of all ages, challenging them to understand and embrace innovation in their own lives.


Virtual & On-Site Field Trips

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Education Department designs programs to be in-line with Arizona state standards as well as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) principles and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our lessons & activities promote engaging with architecture, organic design, ecology, and art through Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas and philosophies which continue to be relevant now more than ever.

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Frank Lloyd Wright
Virtual Classroom

During the Covid-19 shutdown, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s education team developed some fun, easy sets of activities to do at home based on Wright’s famed principles of organic architecture and solutions-based design.

Parents can simply have their child learn and complete online activities on his or her own while the parent works or tends to household duties. The projects are designed for learning at any pace and can be completed multiple times. Parents can also get in on the fun and make the activity into a family project!

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom posts new mini activities, question prompts, or projects each week on Wednesday through the Foundation’s social media platforms.

Are you a teacher? The Virtual Classroom has virtual field trips of Taliesin West and ready-to-go learning packets available for your students!


Family Activities & Homeschool

Through hands-on activities, we encourage people of all ages to explore and discover science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts through fun, interactive activities inspired by Wright. These activities present an opportunity to share ideas and personal opinions, surprise each other, and discover the world through a new lens.


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