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Taliesin West Music Pavilion Upgraded with Theatrical Lighting

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Nov 29, 2018

As part of a larger effort to expand the use of spaces around Taliesin West, the Music Pavilion has undergone a major lighting upgrade.

The Pavilion received electrical infrastructure upgrades, 18 new LED theatrical lights, and a follow-spot. Historically, the Pavilion theatre lights were controlled by a manual panel that lit incandescent bulbs to wash the stage in white light. Today, we are now able to program lighting scenes, and change brightness and color from an iPad application. With this most recent upgrade, the Pavilion can now accommodate a wider range of performers and performances that require this more sophisticated lighting.

Design and direction for installing the upgraded lighting system was provided as an in-kind gift by Foundation Board of Trustees member Christopher Thompson, principal at Studio Lux architectural lighting design, and the equipment was purchased thanks to a generous grant from the Pakis Family Foundation.

Southwest Shakespeare Company performs Julius Caesar in the Taliesin West Music Pavilion. Photo courtesy Southwest Shakespeare.


“The new lighting has truly enhanced the experience for visitors and performers,” said Thompson. “With these upgrades, we’re closer than ever before to bringing the Music Pavilion back to its roots of being the host for visually stunning live performances.”

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