Lewis Spring House

Clifton – the wife of George Lewis II, president of The Lewis State Bank, Florida’s oldest bank since 1856, asked Mr. Wright to design a house for their family when they first met him at Florida Southern College In 1950. He said, “find your ground, not on a lot and get in touch.”




George Lewis II


3117 Okeeheepkee Road


National Register of Historic Places. Open to the public with tours available by reservation.

The first drawn of only two “pod-shaped” houses of Mr. Wright’s long, productive career, Lewis Spring House is the only Frank Lloyd Wright designed private residence built in Florida.  It is on ten acres of hardwoods in Florida’s Capital City, Tallahassee. It was designed during the same period as the Guggenheim Museum and both are based on a confluence of arcs that make the two buildings similar and revolutionary.