One of the last of Wright’s Usonian homes, the Gordon House is based on the design for a modern home commissioned by Life magazine in 1938.


1956, completed in 1964


Conrad Edward Gordon and his wife Evelyn


869 W. Main St.


National Register of Historic Places. Open to the public with tours available.

Construction was completed following Wright’s death, under the supervision of the former Taliesin apprentice, Burton Goodrich. The perforated wooden window treatments (fretwork) function as light screens and display patterns unique to the Gordon House. Designed for maximum efficiency, inventive storage solutions are used throughout the house and eliminate the need for a basement and attic. The only Wright building in Oregon, the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy saved the building from destruction in 2001 and moved it to its current location in Silverton, where it is now open to the public as a museum.