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Don M. Stromquist House

Wright’s only building in Utah, construction on the Usonian-style, concrete block home began in 1959 and was completed by the Taliesin Associated Architects in 1963.


completed in 1963


Don M. Stromquist


1289 Canyon Creek Rd.


Unoccupied and closed to the public.

Built on a grid, the house is oriented so that the living room faces the setting sun, and the children’s rooms and study catch the morning rays. Sited midway down a canyon wall, the house has beautiful, expansive views of the Great Salt Lake. When Don Stromquist and his wife moved to Pittsburgh several years after the building’s construction, the residence fell into disrepair. George M. Frandsen and his partner, David A. Carlquist, bought the home and restored it with the help of Taliesin Associated Architects. It remains one of the best-preserved examples of Wright’s Usonian architecture. Over the following decade, Frandsen and Carlquist hosted frequent fundraising events in the house and became friends with the Stromquists, who had returned to Utah following retirement. Later, the Stromquists repurchased the home, thus spending their last days in their first home. The home is currently occupied by Don and Jane’s youngest son, George Stromquist.

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