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Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom Launches Online for K-12 Students

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Apr 13, 2020

Complimentary Six-Weeks of Online Education Activities Offered by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation through the Wright Virtual Classroom.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation will launch a free online learning tool for K-12 students this week with the introduction of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom, a resource center developed by the Foundation’s education department for online learning and virtual engagement for families.

Combining fun, real-world lessons with Wright’s famed principles of organic architecture and solutions-based design, each STEAM-focused lesson will offer students its own variation of hands-on activities that encourage them to think critically and creatively. The six-week series will introduce a new lesson and corresponding video weekly, where one activity builds upon the other to culminate into a final project where the student creates a work of art that resembles stained glass, inspired by Wright’s own designs.

“This is an unprecedented time and with all of the unknowns, new routines and families in need of engaging activities, this was a way for the Foundation to provide a few resources to families around the world,” said Christopher Jason, education manager with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. “We want to be able to continue our mission of educating future generations based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s works and ideas and how those ideas embodied in our STEAM education programs are more relevant than ever today.”

The Foundation’s education team has developed the lessons to be easy and turn-key in that parents can simply turn on the video and have the student watch, learn, and complete the activity on his or her own while the parent works or tends to household duties. Parents can also get in on the fun and make the activity a family project.

Since 2012, the Foundation has worked alongside the Paradise Valley School District (PVUSD) to create K-12 curriculum that has been test-piloted across hundreds of students within the district. These activities draw from those learnings and programming.

“For the last eight years, we have focused on how to bring Frank Lloyd Wright design and architecture to students in their classrooms. Since living rooms and kitchens have now become the new classroom, we are confident that your child will enjoy exploring outside in the real world around them. The Wright-Design program is a one-click solution to keeping students active in learning, designing, and building during this pause to the traditional classroom setting,” said Michael Linn, curriculum producer and support teacher at PVUSD.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom will debut on Wednesday, April 15. Topics of the mini lessons include How like Wright are You, Create a Symmetrical Pattern, Load-Bearing Shapes, Turn Two Circles into a Square, and The Impact of Color.


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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is dedicated to providing quality STEAM education experiences to challenge young people around the world to be critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. During this uncertain time, with families around the world keeping their kids engaged in learning activities, the Foundation is proud to offer these lessons and other activities free of charge. Your support helps the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation keep their staff employed and creating education programs at this critical time, and long into the future.

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