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In celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s contribution to modern society

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | May 26, 2017

Although Frank Lloyd Wright was born in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation President & CEO Stuart Graff believes that modern technology is only now catching up to Mr. Wright’s innovative mind.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes in how we build and how we live because of the work Mr. Wright did in his lifetime, yet his vision and ideas are more relevant today than ever,” said Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation President & CEO Stuart Graff. On the 150th anniversary of the celebrated American architect’s birth, the Foundation is teaming up with other groups across the country to look forward and foster new ideas.

“The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is proud to celebrate Mr. Wright’s legacy, and his continuing influence on our culture, through a series of events, exhibitions, special tours, and programs as part of a year-long celebration in partnership with Wright public sites nationwide, as well as museums, designers, and other partners,” Graff said.

Sites across the country including Taliesin West, Mr. Wright’s beloved winter home and studio in Scottsdale will be offering $1.50 tours and birthday cupcakes on Thursday, June 8.

“We honor his life, not just by looking back on his greatness, but by following his lead and always looking forward to see how his legacy will continue to change how we live and how we build into the future,” Graff said.

Taliesin West is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, established by Olgivanna and Frank Lloyd Wright in 1940. The Foundation has evolved its vision in the past year, making his legacy more accessible and encouraging new audiences to experience Mr. Wright’s vision. They are focused on developing more public programs to engage the public through preservation, education, and innovation initiatives.

This year, the Foundation reintroduced summer camp programming for children ranging from grades 2-12. The programming combines the historical significance of the camp setting, with the educational need for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) to get kids thinking big, while having fun.

“With our new programming for students, we are continuing the legacy of advanced education with younger students by exploring architecture, design, photography, and global challenges, and how their unique ideas can have a true impact on the world around them,” Graff said.

The preservation of Taliesin West, a National Historic Landmark, is vital to preserving Mr. Wright’s legacy. In addition to maintaining the structure of the buildings in a way that is historically accurate, the Foundation is taking a values-based approach to the care of Taliesin West, ensuring the spaces retain Mr. Wright’s original intentions of being experimental laboratories of innovation.

Taliesin West installed a solar field with the help of First Solar and Power-One. A partnership with Studio Lux yielded Osram Sylvania’s installation of new LED lighting throughout the historic core of Taliesin West that matched the original color temperature for the site. These efforts have reduced energy usage by 50 percent, allowing the Foundation to put those dollars back into the preservation of the home. They are exploring further efforts to reduce consumption while experimenting with new technologies.

“Each day we’re tasked with maintaining Taliesin West, but we also have a significant responsibility to keep the history of the space alive,” said Fred Prozzillo, director of preservation at Taliesin West. “We honor Mr. Wright’s legacy by being intentional and careful in all of our work, while constantly pushing the barriers of what is possible.”


Photo by Foskett Creative

Through all its efforts, the Foundation invites people to fully experience Mr. Wright’s spaces to inspire society through an understanding of his ideas, architecture, and design.

“As the stewards of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes and legacy, we have a responsibility to educate the public and challenge them to make their own difference in the world,” Graff said. “Mr. Wright was always looking forward to the future, and we honor him by continuing his legacy of innovation at Taliesin West.”