Nakoma Golf Resort

Frank Lloyd Wright conceived of the Nakoma Clubhouse in 1923 at the request of the Nakoma Country Club in Madison, WI.


Designed 1923, built 2000


Nakoma Country Club in Madison, WI


348 Bear Run


Open to the public year round.

Beyond his characteristic low-ceilinged entrances and central fireplaces, Wright’s teepee-like wood and copper towers led The Wisconsin State Journal to call Wright’s plan “the most unique building of its kind in America.” The development did not come to fruition for over 75 years, when the owners at Gold Mountain purchased the plan from Wright’s Taliesin Architects and built the clubhouse in California. The resort also includes villas designed by Taliesin-trained architects that echo the spirit of the clubhouse with octagonal pitched roofs and sculptural stone fireplaces.