Russell Kraus, after reading a newspaper article on Wright’s affordable homes, commissioned Wright to build what would be one of his last Usonian houses.




Russell W. M. Kraus and his wife Ruth


120 N. Ballas Rd.


National Register of Historic Places. Now known as the Frank Lloyd Wright House in Ebsworth Park. Guided tours by appointment only.

Curving around the low sloping hillside into which it is nestled, the residence, built of Wright’s characteristic Tidewater Red Cypress and molded brick, is based on two intersecting parallelograms, with a cantilevered roof projecting from its southern end. The home is notable not only for its architectural integrity, but also for retaining all of its original Wright-designed fabrics and furnishings, many of which Russell Kraus built himself. Following the death of both owners in the 1990s, a conservancy was formed to restore the house and open it to the public.