E. E. Boynton House

Edward Boynton commissioned Wright to build a total work of art, including the house, landscaping and furniture. The site, which stretched across four city lots, afforded Wright the space to incorporate an expansive garden, tennis court and rectangular reflecting pool, providing the open prairie feel that he sought.




Edward E. Boynton


16 East Blvd.


National Register of Historic Places. Privately owned.

Wright, in an unusually fruitful collaboration with Edward Boynton’s 21-year-old daughter, Beulah, designed the two-story house to stand sideways on the lot in an elongated “T” plan. Art glass windows and a large verandah characterize the house, which has suffered numerous structural problems due to Rochester’s harsh winter conditions. The current owners, Francis Cosentino and his wife, Jane Parker, purchased the house in 2009 and undertook an extensive restoration, with over 150 talented craftsmen working over a two-year period. Completed in 2012, the process was documented by Rochester’s Public Broadcasting Station in a program entitled “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years.”