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Recently Discovered Frank Lloyd Wright American System-Built Home for Sale

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Aug 3, 2018

The Madison, Wisconsin, home is listed for $799,900.

Frank Lloyd Wright was determined to create housing that was both affordable and beautiful. One of the direct results of his quest for this affordable housing was his American System-Built Homes.

Collaborating with the Arthur L. Richards factory in Milwaukee, Wright developed a series of standardized houses made up of elements that were pre-cut and shipped for assembly, reducing waste and labor costs. Wright produced over 960 drawings for the project—more than any other in his archives—detailing over thirty unit variations. (You can find more information about the American System-Built Homes here.)

Several Systems-Built homes still stand in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. One of those homes, which was recently verified as a true Wright-design, is now up for sale.

The home, built in 1917, has three bedrooms and a two-car garage. Updates have been made to the home, including the addition of new kitchen appliances.

The American System-Built Home boasts an all-season porch and close proximity to the University of Wisconsin.

The home is located at  2107 West Lawn Ave, Madison, WI. More information on the listing can be found at the First Weber Realtors website. All photos via First Weber Realtors.