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News and updates from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Illustrator Ben Denzer Creates Newspaper Architecture for the New York Times

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Apr 10, 2020

Enjoy a month’s worth of drawings that were updated daily during April 2020, featuring iconic architecture reinterpreted as “newspaper buildings” in this series by illustrator Ben Denzer taken from page 3 of the New York Times.

Illustrator Ben Denzer on the project:

“Art Director Andrew Sondern (standardregular.com) came up with this amazing spot illustration series for The New York Times. Each day, page 3 has a small drawing that somehow relates to a newspaper. Andrew started it in 2017 and had the great Jason Polan draw them for a whole year. I always loved and admired the series, and a few months ago I reached out and pitched the idea of ‘Newspaper Buildings.'”

You can also see Ben Denzer’s work on his website.

Follow Ben on Instagram.


April 1, 2020:

Flatiron building

April 2, 2020:

Burj Khalifa building

April 3, 2020:

Notre Dame Du Haut

April 4, 2020:

Leaning Tower of Pisa

April 5, 2020:

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

April 6, 2020:

Los Manantiales Restaurant

April 7, 2020:

550 Madison Ave. building

April 8, 2020:


April 9, 2020:

Hearst Tower

April 10, 2020:

Gateway Arch

April 11, 2020:

Gate of Divine Prowess, Forbidden City

April 12, 2020:

Tower of Babel

April 13, 2020:

23 East 69th Street

April 14, 2020:

Pyramids of Giza

April 15, 2020

The Big Duck

April 16, 2020:

Turning Torso

April 17, 2020:


April 18, 2020:

The Pentagon

April 19, 2020:

St. Basil’s Cathedral


April 20, 2020:

Big Ben

April 21, 2020:

R. Buckminster Fuller and Anne Hewlett Dome Home

April 22, 2020:

Marina City

April 23, 2020:

Sydney Opera House

April 24, 2020:

Arc de Triomphe

April 25, 2020:

Casa Mila

April 26, 2020:

Walt Disney
Concert Hall

April 27, 2020:

Eiffel Tower

April 28, 2020:

The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

April 29, 2020:

Villa Savoye

April 30, 2020:

CCTV Headquarters

We hope you enjoyed Ben’s ENTire april series.

News and updates from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation