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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hymn to Autumn

Frank Lloyd Wright | Sep 22, 2017

The following excerpt titled “Autumn,” was taken from Book Four, Freedom, of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “An Autobiography.”



Nature is now visible song.

Scarlet sumach runs like forest fire along The Valley hills.

The Future lies perfected in the seeds of bright fruits still hanging from naked boughs to tempt the present.

Acorns drop from the oaken bough to be eagerly sought in the mould beneath and carried far away. And bright berries, devoured by birds and beasts, are gone to new life in new ground. By appeasing Hunger and Desire—the Species makes sure of the Future?

Another life by way of infinite veins and arteries has added stature to the trees, given consequence to shrubs and flowers. The grass still green.

Flaming creeper wreathes the singing bough as leaves take on the hues of bloom, growth’s greatest moment—until now.

Gentle touches of coming frost bring natural response to inner rhythm. Work done, the trees and shrubs, the flowers, return precious sap to the root.

To sleep.

The limestone quarry that supplied stone for Taliesin in the fall. All photos by Lois Gottlieb.

News and updates from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation