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Frank Lloyd Wright House for Sale (for Birds)

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Jan 18, 2018

Have you ever wanted to own a Frank Lloyd Wright house? Well, now’s your chance (sort of).

California based home decor company Sourgrassbuilt pulls inspiration from architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright, and the culture of Santa Cruz, to create midcentury modern birdhouses, bread boxes, and furniture.

Using high end repurposed materials purchased in the United States, Sourgrassbuilt’s Douglas Barnhard designs and builds all of the birdhouses.

Barnhard created a custom-designed Taliesin West birdhouse for the Frank Lloyd Wright Store, inspired by the Drafting Studio.

The Taliesin West birdhouse features the distinct angles and sloped lines of Wright’s Scottsdale, Arizona home. The birdhouse is made from reclaimed redwood and a high end gloss red laminate inspired by the property’s Cherokee red color.

The birdhouse is available for purchase only at the Frank Lloyd Wright Store.

But, not all of Sourgrassbuilt’s designs are based on Wright’s work. Check out some of the other midcentury modern birdhouses below.

How to Buy

Not available for online purchase. A limited number of Taliesin West birdhouses can be purchased from the Frank Lloyd Wright Store. You can visit the store at Taliesin West or place your order by calling 602.800.5444.