SOLD OUT! TW LIVE – Benjamin Cortez

January 27, 2024

Join us as Benjamin Cortez brings his unique talents to Taliesin West’s Garden Room.

Benjamin Cortez is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern flair. Having mastered an array of instruments—guitar, piano, bass, drums, and more—his music embodies a fusion of timeless melodies with contemporary storytelling, creating a unique sonic landscape that resonates across eras.

The heart and soul of Benjamin’s craft lie in his songwriting. He draws inspiration from personal experiences, master musical storytellers (such as the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Madison Cunningham), and the world around him, translating emotions into beautifully crafted lyrics and melodies. His songs speak to listeners of all different walks of life, weaving together poignant narratives and catchy tunes.

Listen to some of Benjamin’s music here.

*Please note that this program grants guests access only to the program location. To see more of our property, please consider adding a tour to your program.

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Garden Room

Price: SOLD OUT!
Adults $40
Students (13-25 with student ID) $28
Members $36

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