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Enhance Your “Zoom Room” with Frank Lloyd Wright Inspiration

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Oct 9, 2020

Roll out your next Zoom call or virtual meeting in style: Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design lends extra polish to your “Zoom Room” background and work space decor.

2020 has certainly changed the way we work and what we consider “office space,” at home or at work. According to interior designers polled by apartment therapy, areas that hinge around communication on various digital platforms like Zoom, now affectionately coined “Zoom Rooms,” will be one of the top home decor trends for the year.

We’ve all seen the overachievers who are doing it right, with neatly curated Zoom Rooms with fresh flowers, flattering lighting, and serene, artful backdrop accessories.

We imagine Frank Lloyd Wright would’ve curated the ultimate Zoom Room, blending art, nature, and architecture for his virtual client meetings. Why not look for a little Wright inspiration to impress the Room Rater in your life?

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