Discovery Days FAQ

It’s Halloween weekend! Can I wear a costume?

We welcome costumes at Discovery Days. However, because this is an all-ages program, any guest who attends in a costume deemed inappropriate (gory, violent, political, religious, offensive, or lewd) will not be permitted entry. To protect our historic site, we ask that costumes do not include masks or other accessories that can impair vision, glitter, or shedding fabrics like fur and that all costume parts and accessories are kept close to the body.

Can I bring food and beverages from home?

We always welcome guests to bring water from home. However, we ask that you do not bring any other outside food or beverage with you. Food and drink will be available for purchase! We also have a number of water fountains around Taliesin West but do not sell bottled water in order to help reduce the impact of single-use plastic bottles.

I’m a member, do I still have to sign up?

Yes, due to a limited capacity, we strongly encourage all attendees to reserve a spot for every person in their party attending Discovery Days. If you are a member, please be sure to sign into your member account before signing up, so you can be properly acknowledged.

Do I need to reserve an entry time?

Yes, due to a limited capacity, all attendees are required to reserve a spot for every member of their party attending Discovery Days.

Can I bring a purse?

Small purses and backpacks (18” x 18”) are permitted. To protect our fragile property and delicate Collections, we ask that you do not bring any larger bags, purses, or backpacks in with you. Taliesin West does not have bag storage on site.

What happens if I can’t make my original entry time?

Things happen! If you know in advance that you cannot attend your original entry time, we ask that you contact our team by emailing to reschedule your entry time. If you arrive earlier or later than your planned time, we will permit entrance pending availability.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have limited parking on the property. We also have rideshare drop-off areas available, should you prefer to take a ride share.

I am in need of special assistance. Can I still attend Discovery Days?

There are several ways Taliesin West can accommodate your visit. Please see our accessibility information for details. Discovery Days will feature live music, crowded indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as indoor and outdoor activities with changes throughout the site in elevation and terrain.

As a National Historic Site built in the early 20th century, Taliesin West was not designed to meet contemporary accessibility standards, however, we have made improvements to the design and functionality of our site in order to meet the needs of our guests. If you have specific questions or requests regarding accessibility, please contact

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