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5 Ways to Celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birthday

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Jun 8, 2018

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867, and changed the way we build and live. In honor of his birthday, here are 5 ways you can begin to explore and celebrate the life and legacy of America’s greatest architect.

1. Visit a Frank Lloyd Wright Building

The best way to learn about Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles is to experience them firsthand, and there is no better time than his birthday to visit one of his inspiring buildings. Find a Wright site near you and search celebrations in your area to learn more about special offers and events. 

2. Make Frank Lloyd Wright’s Favorite Birthday Cake

Each year for Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday his favorite birthday cake recipe was made and served. Join the celebration and continue the tradition by following this recipe and making your own cake at home.

3. Learn More about Wright 

Frank Lloyd Wright has inspired generations of architects, designers, and thinkers. You can learn more about Wright’s life and legacy with the interactive biography on our website. Take some time today to start reading a book by or about Wright and dig in to the latest issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly magazine (subscribe here).

4. Take a Hike

“Nature is your book of reference, and in it you study and learn.” – Frank Lloyd Wright, 1955.

Wright respected and was inspired by Nature, which he spelled with a capital “N.” Take some time to experience nature today, as Wright did. Notice shapes and colors, and how the natural environment interacts with the built environment around you. Stop to see what inspires you and think about ways you can integrate what you learn into your own surroundings in order to — as Wright called it — live more beautifully.


5. Design with your Child

Frank Lloyd Wright’s mother knew from the moment he was born that her child would make a difference, and he went on to change the way we build and live for all time. How will your child impact the world? Help them explore their own creativity and innovative spirit by creating a floor plan of their dream home. Download the activity sheets for making plans, sections, and elevations!


News and updates from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation