Remember a Loved One with Your Support of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Legacy

“There is nothing higher, that I can see, than the deep and full understanding and appreciation of the beauty around you.”  – Frank Lloyd Wright

We hope you’re looking forward to the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and can take some time away from the challenges in the world to focus on the beauty around you.

At this time of year, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is typically winding down from a busy spring tour season at Taliesin West. The revenue we would have generated financially sustains us through the rest of the year, allowing us to preserve Frank Lloyd Wright’s two homes, invite students to experience his work, and to gather the community in celebration of beauty and art. But, nothing about this year has been typical. 

You can help us continue some of our vital work that we have had to put on hold. Your help will ensure that Taliesin and Taliesin West are preserved and able to inspire audiences for generations to come.

Today, we ask you to remember someone in your life who shares your passion for the beauty around you or someone who was always inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. Maybe you remember stories they used to tell about visiting their favorite Wright building?

Will you consider making a donation today in honor of, or in memory of a person who would want to help see our work continue in the face of challenging times?

No gesture is too small. Every gift helps us continue to share the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright with the world.

We are deeply grateful for your support and we look forward to welcoming you back to Taliesin and Taliesin West in the near future. 

From all of us at the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, we wish you a healthy and safe Memorial Day, surrounded with the deep and full understanding and appreciation of the beauty around you.”


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