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How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Nov 27, 2019

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation actively runs fundraising campaigns to encourage support of our work to preserve Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations, and inspire society through Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas, architecture, and design. But, the most effective fundraising asks come from individuals who support us by asking their friends and family to join them in their support.

Facebook has made fundraising easy! It’s now simpler than ever to create a fundraiser and encourage your friends and family to donate. And, best of all, Facebook doesn’t take a cut of the donations. We keep 100%.

Please consider creating your own Facebook fundraiser to support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation by following the steps below.


     1. Visit to get started.

     2. Set your fundraising goal and set your fundraiser end date.

     3. Customize a personal message. There is a pre-populated message about the Foundation, but the ask is stronger if you tell your personal story of why you support the Foundation. (See sample messages below).

     4. Pick a cover photo. There is a suggested cover photo from the Foundation’s Facebook page, but you could also upload a photo of your own.

     5. Click “Create.”

     6. You will be prompted to invite your friends and family to donate and to share your fundraiser on your timeline.

     7. There is an option to pledge to match donations from your friends and family. Choose an amount you feel comfortable matching to show your commitment to raising money for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation! You’ll only have to match donations up to your total pledge amount once your fundraiser ends. If you choose not to make a pledge, simply click anywhere outside of the box. You have the option to make a pledge later in your fundraiser.


Sample Messages

These messages can help you get started in crafting your own personal message of support for your fundraiser.

  • I support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation because I want to ensure future generations can become inspired by Wright’s work. Join me in donating to the Foundation to help preserve Wright’s two personal homes, Taliesin and Taliesin West.

  • My first visit to Taliesin West changed my life. To see how Frank Lloyd Wright designed his home in harmony with the landscape inspired me to think differently about how we can live more connected to nature and each other. I hope you will join me in supporting the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to help ensure this masterpiece is around and looking its best for generations to come!


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