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Your Matching Gift Preserves Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architectural Masterpieces

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded us a $175,000 challenge grant to address critical infrastructure projects at Taliesin West and the National Park Service awarded us a $320,000 matching grant to restore the Hillside Theatre at Taliesin. We need you to make this happen. These matching grant dollars are guaranteed, but only if we secure private matching donations.


“According to our strength of character and our clarity of vision, we will endure, we will succeed, we will have contributed something to make life where we were and as we lived it, something a little better, brighter, and more beautiful.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

From left: Hillside Theatre at Taliesin near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Music Pavilion at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Where does my donation go?

These grants maximize our ability to raise the $845,000 needed to make Taliesin West more accessible with stabilized surfaces, mobility ramps, hand rails, three new ADA-compliant restrooms, improvement in the performance spaces, and critical engineering work to sustain the campus for years into the future.  We will also undertake critical preservation work at Hillside Theatre at Taliesin, to eliminate drainage infiltration and other threats to the structure while making it better than ever for live arts performance. Donate today to match the grants.