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Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Recognized for Print Excellence

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | Sep 17, 2019

Building on Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy of innovation and thoughtful design, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation holds our printed materials and collateral to a high standard, from the content inside the pages, to the overall quality of the tactile characteristics. Here we give an inside look at our printing process and the recent recognition of the quality of our work.

Four times a year, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Marketing and Communication Department produces a new issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly magazine, offering readers an innovative look into the past, present, and future of Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy through thoughtful graphic and written explorations of the legendary architect’s work and the community it has created.

When it comes to our printed materials, there are many steps and aspects that play a role in perfecting the finished product. To make sure these pieces are well-made and meticulously crafted, an extreme attention to detail is necessary every step of the way. From the weight and texture of the paper, to the depth of the colors on the page, we’re always paying close attention to all of these details and striving for perfection.



The Quarterly is printed by Lithotech, one of the largest continuously owned printing companies in Phoenix, Arizona.

The printing process begins once the printer receives the files. Their pre-press team lays out the magazine on metal press forms to prepare for printing. The job is then proofed for review and approval.

Once approved, the job is plated and scheduled for press. On press, four-color process ink is applied to the stock to create full color images and text throughout the magazine. After printing, the job goes into bindery, where each press form is folded into a 16-page “signature.”


These folded signatures are then placed into stations on the bindery equipment, where they are gathered to form the inside of the book. The gathered book is then “married” to the cover, which has been scored and folded, the perfect bound spine is glued and the whole book is trimmed to size.

This year, this process was recognized at the Western States Printing Alliance’s 16th Annual Print Excellence Awards, where Lithotech won the most gold, silver, and bronze awards for showing excellent craftsmanship and skill in creating beautiful print pieces.

At the awards the Quarterly and Lithotech were recognized for the Quarterly magazine, receiving the Gold Award in the Sheetfed Magazine category.

In addition to the Quarterly being awarded, the Foundation and Lithotech also received the Silver Award in the Booklet/Newsletter Category for the souvenir book, Taliesin West: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Desert Laboratory, available in the Frank Lloyd Wright Store at Taliesin West.


The Marketing and Communication team doing a final press check on a recent issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly magazine.


“Lithotech is honored to partner with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to produce their many beautiful marketing and membership pieces,” says Sue Mehlhaff, Solutions Specialist at Lithotech. “We are always excited to see the new issue of the Quarterly as each one so beautifully and uniquely tells a bit more of the amazing story of the man himself. We look forward to each and every project we are entrusted to help create and we truly enjoy working with the fun and talented Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation team.”


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