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Homeschool Explorations at Taliesin West

Explore nature, science, engineering, the arts, and architecture at Taliesin West! Each lesson focuses on a new concept, and every activity takes inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, the Sonoran desert, and the wonderful UNESCO world heritage site, Taliesin West.




Family Tours & Programs at Taliesin West

Fun for the whole family! We’d like to welcome you to join us on select Saturday mornings for some architecture-inspired fun! Each themed class takes inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, the Sonoran desert, and our wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taliesin West.




Scout Program

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Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom

During quarantine, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Education team worked to develop this fun, easy set of activities to do at home based on Wright’s famed principles of organic architecture and solutions-based design. It’s a free online learning tool created for K-12 students and virtual engagement for families.

Are you a teacher looking for innovative ways to engage your class with online learning? The Foundation also has ready-to-go virtual lesson packet guides as well as virtual field trip opportunities for your students!




More Family Activities to Try at Home

At the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, we use Frank Lloyd Wright’s revolutionary design concepts and buildings at Taliesin West to educate and inspire people of all ages, challenging them to understand and embrace innovation in their own lives.

Through the hands-on activities below, we encourage you to explore and discover science, technology, engineering, art, and math concepts through fun, interactive activities inspired by Wright. These activities present an opportunity to share ideas and personal opinions, surprise each other, and discover the world through a new lens.

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is dedicated to providing quality STEAM education experiences to challenge young people around the world to be critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. During this uncertain time, with families around the world keeping their kids engaged in learning activities, the Foundation is proud to offer these lessons and other activities free of charge. Your support helps the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation keep their staff employed and creating education programs at this critical time, and long into the future.

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