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Taliesin Talks: The History of Asian Screens at Taliesin & Taliesin West

November 18, 2020
Taliesin West

Members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Preservation and Collections teams, along with conservator (and Foundation Board Chair) T.K. McClintock explored the process of conserving and restoring historic Asian screens at Taliesin and Taliesin West.  The group discussed the history of these objects, the process of restoring them, and the significance of restoration projects like these.


Fred ProzilloVice President of Preservation, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation 

Margo StipeDirector and Curator of Collections, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation 

T.K. McClintockChair of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Board of Trustees

Please note that all Taliesin Talks take place on Facebook, first as live broadcasts, and then saved for viewing after the livestream.


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