Taliesin Next—Preserving the Future: Conserving the Values of a Living Institution

April 11, 2018
Taliesin West

As Frank Lloyd Wright’s enduring legacy continues to influence innovators to create a more beautiful and sustainable world, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation presents Taliesin Next, a new speaker series that explores how Wright’s legacy can inform the future. The speakers of Taliesin Next present their ideas through a variety of perspectives as diverse as the great architect’s multifaceted legacy.

Taliesin West was Wright’s living laboratory, a place where he explored form, materials, and concepts for living in the desert. Each year, upon returning from summers in Wisconsin, Wright would build and re-build his winter camp. It was a place of leaning and continual change, like most camps there was a sense of impermanence in its very creation.  Today, Taliesin West continues to be a place of learning and it is our hope to continue its legacy as a laboratory by employing innovative methods for preservation.  Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Vice President of Preservation Fred Prozzillo will explain how Taliesin West evolved and how we will work to preserve the heritage values inherent in the structures and life lived on the property.  He will explore the challenges and great rewards of preserving a living heritage site that begs the question, how do you preserve change?


Taliesin West Music Pavilion


6:30 p.m.


Free but registration required.


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