Taliesin Next—Organic Architecture and the Sustaining Ecosystem

February 27, 2018
Taliesin West

As Frank Lloyd Wright’s enduring legacy continues to influence innovators to create a more beautiful and sustainable world, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation introduces Taliesin Next, a new speaker series that explores how Wright’s legacy can inform the future. The speakers of Taliesin Next present their ideas through a variety of perspectives as diverse as the great architect’s multifaceted legacy.

We kick off Taliesin Next with “Organic Architecture and the Sustaining Ecosystem.” Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered a modern American architecture inspired by and built for nature; he called it organic architecture. As we grapple with the current changes to our environment, Foundation President and CEO Stuart Graff explores how we can use Wright’s organic architecture to build more sustainably and think differently to build a better tomorrow.

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Taliesin West Music Pavilion


6:30 p.m.


Free but registration required.

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