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David Hartt: The Histories (Le Mancenillier)

September 11, 2019
Beth Sholom Synagogue Preservation Foundation

The Beth Sholom Synagogue Preservation Foundation is pleased to present David Hartt: The Histories (Le Mancenillier), the first artist commission to activate the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed National Historic Landmark in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Comprising of video, sculpture, and music, amongst other elements, the exhibition considers histories of Jewish and Black diasporas in the United States.

Hartt will create additional site-responsive elements that complement the building’s interior as well as the peculiarities of its structure. A selection of tropical plants will reside in the building’s current planters and an arrangement of orchids will capture leaking rainwater in the main sanctuary.

The exhibition borrows its title from the Greek historian Herodotus’ foundational history of Western culture, as well as the name of a sweet but poisonous tropical plant that titles an early Creole-influenced work by Gottschalk. By layering the tropics within the Wright-designed building, Hartt’s project contends with ideas about culture, migration, and the environment.


Beth Sholom Synagogue

8231 Old York Rd, Elkins Park, PA 19027, USA

Dates & Times

September 11 December 19, 2019

Special Exhibit (self-guided): Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday (walk-ins welcome)

Live musical activations at Beth Sholom Synagogue:
September 22, October 20, November 10, November 17, December 8
All activations begin at 1 p.m.





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