Brand = Building: Frank Lloyd Wright and American Business

October 25, 2017
Martin House Complex

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation President & CEO Stuart Graff will walk through Wright’s modern understanding of brand through the lens of two of his most important commercial buildings: Buffalo’s Larkin Building and Wisconsin’s Johnson Wax Buildings.

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision put him so far ahead of his time that our technology is only now catching up to his ideas,” said Graff. “We honor his life, not just by looking back on his greatness, but by following his lead and always looking forward to see how his legacy will continue to change how we live and how we build into the future.” 

-Stuart Graff, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation President and CEO

Frank Lloyd Wright was more than just a pioneering architect; he also understood the need for building a brand, whether for himself or for the “American men of business with unspoiled instincts and ideals” who were his clients.  


7 – 8 p.m.



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