Architects of Air: Albesila

February 9, 2019 – February 17, 2019
Mesa Arts Center

Albesila, an immersive labyrinth of color and light, is a large-scale work of public art to be installed at Mesa’s Pioneer Park Feb. 9-17, 2019.

The experience of this giant inflatable sculpture is like walking inside a work of stained glass—breathtakingly beautiful, serene and contemplative. Designed by British artist Alan Parkinson, Albesila can hold up to 80 people at one time and provides a unique experience filled with color, ambient music and wonder.

With a footprint half the size of a football field, the light- and color-filled dome-like spaces invite visitors to wander, explore or sit or lie down and enjoy the ambiance of the space. Explore the maze of winding paths and inspiring domes and lose yourself in sensory bliss.

Dates & Times

12 – 9 p.m., February 9 – 17


$7 per person, or 4 for $24 (plus additional tickets at $6). Children under two years of age are admitted free of charge.


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