Advanced Architecture- Emergent Design & Model Making

July 17, 2017 – July 21, 2017

Everyone is familiar with the a-ha moment when a great idea enters into our mind, but what if an ideal solution never arrives? Emergent design subverts the old notion of problem-solving by refocusing effort on the processes employed, rather than the end result. Through critical analysis of our own design strategies and thoughtful engagement with new techniques, this architecture camp will push the boundaries of possibility while providing valuable experience using both digital and physical design tools.

We’ve developed this offering with previous Arch Camp participants in mind and with the goal of demonstrating that architectural design is not only a serious endeavor but also all around fun! Students will learn how to craft presentation quality physical study models using an experimental method based on Wright’s famous unit system. Designs will then be translated into digital format using 3D modeling software (Sketch-Up). As a project-based learning opportunity, students will work both collaboratively and independently in order to mimic the professional design process. Final projects will be presented to a public audience of family, friends, and invited guests.

Prerequisites: Intermediate Architecture(or permission from the instructor based on past experience or skill. For permission, please email Caroline Hamblen)
Equipment needed: Laptop and mouse with Trimble Sketch-Up (free) installed. Camera or a smart phone with a camera.

(Grades 9-12)

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