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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Textile Blocks & 3D Cement Tiles Now Available

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation | May 18, 2021

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has partnered with Southern California building materials company Eso Surfaces to create iconic textile blocks and 3D cement tiles from the Frank Lloyd Wright archive.

“We took the concrete block and made it live as a thing of beauty, textured like the trees among which it stood.”
 – Frank Lloyd Wright


Eso Surfaces, a hardscape building materials company headquartered in Southern California, has partnered with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to produce cement textile blocks and 3-dimensional tiles inspired by the  patterns created by Wright for his iconic textile block homes including Ennis, Millard, Storer, and more.


Among the initial offerings is the Ennis House 3D Cement Tile. The Ennis House is a worldwide architectural landmark.

Historical photo of the Ennis House entrance.

ESO’s Ennis House 3D cement tile


Another standout from Eso’s initial launch is the Ablin Textile Block. A uniquely shaped concrete block that can be made into walls allowing light and breeze to flow freely. This marks the first time a design from the Ablin House in Bakersfield, CA has been licensed for development as a consumer product.

Historical photo showing the construction of the Ablin House.


In the first part of the 20th Century, Wright worked with molded concrete tiles and blocks to create structurally innovative buildings. Using patterned molds allowed Wright to incorporate forms and patterns that gave rich life to a humble, affordable material.

Historical construction photo of the Storer House.


ESO's Millard House 3D cement tile


Eso’s stunning interpretations of Wright’s work are executed to the highest quality standards so designers, architects, and homeowners can be inspired to bring this rich legacy into homes, offices, and landscapes.”

– Stuart Graff, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation CEO

Historical photo of the Millard House exterior detail.


Shop Eso’s Textile Blocks and 3D Cement Tiles at the Frank Lloyd Wright Store.

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