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Community Outreach & Engagement

Community outreach and engagement is at the core of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s mission. The Foundation offers year-round programming for all ages including our Photography Workshops, Free Arts Day, a Boys and Girls Club partnership, and other special events which engage the community. In addition, the Foundation is currently working on extending relationships that bring educators, teachers, and artists into the organization for extended programming that will promote the Foundation as an essential resource for the community.

Please email if you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.


Photography Workshops

The landmark architecture of Taliesin West is the backdrop for a weeklong photographic journey. Local Arizona photographer Andrew Pielage will guide students in capturing the Sonoran Desert and National Historic Landmark around the.

Students learn the tools needed to best utilize a camera including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, while applying creative approaches to composition, image framing, and the challenges of light and shadow.


Free Arts Day

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation invited Free Arts, a local organization that uses the healing powers of the arts to help abused and homeless children, to host Free Arts Day, where children and youth explored the architecture of Taliesin West and took part in art projects.

In 2019, Free Arts Day community members led participants in creating architectural structures, as well as exploring basic geometry and biomimicry through stained glass art workshops.


Boys & Girls Club

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s Education Department partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale in the fall of 2019 to give six high school students the chance to design and build a model of their dream home, structure, or space.

Spanning nine weeks, with weekly session from October to December, the student designers engaged in educational programming and architectural tours, to help them create amazing architectural models. The program culminated in a final presentation of their dream space models to their families, guardians, Foundation staff, and School of Architecture at Taliesin students.

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