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Camp FAQs

Do I have to register in advance?

Yes, advance registration for a camp session is required. Registration will close at 8am the Thursday prior to the camp start date.

Is prior experience needed for this camp?

No, prior experience is not needed for this camp.

Does the camp take place indoors or outdoors?

The camp takes place primarily indoors; however, there will be daily instances where campers will be outdoors. We advise that campers bring a water bottle.

Is the classroom air-conditioned?

Yes, campers will be working in air-conditioned spaces at Taliesin West.

Will camp still be held in case of bad weather?

Yes, camp takes place rain or shine.

What should campers wear?

We recommend comfortable clothing and shoes, along with a hat and sunscreen.

Does my child need to bring anything?

No, all materials for this camp will be provided. We recommend that campers bring a bottle of water, sunscreen and a hat for the portion of camp that takes place outdoors.

Are the classrooms at Taliesin West wheelchair accessible?

Taliesin West is a National Historic Landmark built between 1937 and 1959. As such, it was not designed or built to contemporary accessibility standards. The pathway for tours are not all paved and include gravel walkways, uneven steps and stairs. Narrow, steep-sloped ramps over steps are available for guests to use at their own discretion throughout the tour. Ramps are 26” in width with slopes ranging from 21 to 27 degrees.

Is before or aftercare available?

No, we do not offer before or aftercare for any of our camps.

Are parents required to sign a liability waiver?

Yes, all parents/legal guardians must fill out a liability form for each attending camper.

Do you offer member discounts?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the camps for Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Members. Please note that members must show proof of membership at check-in.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships for Summer Art and Architecture Camps to selected, qualifying individuals. Scholarships are provided by the generous funding of the Boeing Employee Community Fund. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out this form.

What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds are made up to one week prior to the event, minus the $50 registration fee. After this, no refunds will be made, except with written physician verification. Refunds are not given for dismissal due to behavioral, emotional, or physiological situations occurring at camp.  

Can my child with special needs attend?

Contact the camp director to discuss the strengths and limitations of campers with special needs prior to the first day of camp. The camp director will communicate with you to discuss if this is the best placement for your child, and any modifications or accommodations that we accommodate.  Depending on a case by case basis, staff may ask that a 1:1 aid accompany the camper in order to ensure supervision at all times. For the safety of other campers and staff, staff has the right to deny admittance to camp for any camper that may pose a threat to the health and safety of other individuals.

What if I’m late picking up my student?

If you are more than 15 minutes late to pick up your child, you will be charged $15 for every 5 minutes past pick-up time, based on our clock.

What are drop-off and pick-up policies?

An adult must come up to the camp leader to drop-off and pick-up campers each day.  Only authorized adults, as specified, may sign a child out of camp.

For other questions about the Summer Art and Architecture Camps or education opportunities with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, please contact Director of Education, Kevin Conley, at

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