Advancing the Way We Build and Live

Established by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1940, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has been charged with preserving Wright’s legacy to advance the way we build and live. In this momentous year of the 150th anniversary of his birth, we want to show that Wright was more than an architect of buildings—he was an architect of ideas about how to build in ways that make our lives better.

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Here’s a brief look at our work of the past year.


We have made meaningful strides in preserving Wright’s homes with advanced conservation techniques and thoughtful use of materials.

At Taliesin, working with our sister organization, Taliesin Preservation, we have completed the restoration of Tan-y-Deri, a home designed for Wright’s sister and her family.

At Taliesin West, we painstakingly restored Whitman Square, which welcomes visitors with a passage from Whitman, “And Thou America,” establishing Wright’s vision for a uniquely American architecture. We have ensured better protection of the home by replacing a roofing surface over the historic core of the property, and will be advancing our roofing work by replacing the fabric roofing panel’s in the historic Music Pavilion, thanks to a generous donation of new fabric.

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We advance Wright’s legacy by using Taliesin West as he intended, a laboratory for innovation. Through our efforts to test and showcase new technologies, we are now able to modernize Taliesin West without the need to disrupt walls, flooring, or other historic materials. We hope these efforts are a signal to other historical properties to use less-invasive, modern technology to maintain spaces.

Photo by Terry Rishel.

Thanks to a generous donation of labor and materials, we have begun to enhance the experience for our evening visitors by installing the newest technologies in LED landscape lighting. Each bulb in the installation will contain a Wi-Fi enabled chip so each fixture can address a light level and color temperature that properly illuminates Wright’s vision.

Using sub-surface boring technologies, we will soon begin replacing critical infrastructure needs like underground plumbing and electrical, without demolishing the historic concrete surfaces installed by Wright and the Taliesin Fellowship.

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Training young people to make a difference in the world has always been a part of the Taliesin experience. In the drafting rooms of Taliesin and Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright taught and mentored young people, not just to be architects, but to be well- rounded, creative thinkers who were capable of doing more than they ever imagined possible. It is our responsibility to bring that experience to a new generation.

This summer, we relaunched our education programming with summer camps at Taliesin West. With the help of grant funding, we were able to offer scholarships to our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education camps for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. We are also working with local school districts to develop curriculum based on Wright’s principles, a curriculum that we hope to make available to schools around the world in the near future.

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