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Celebrating the 150th anniversary
of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth

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Honoring a life of innovation

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s birth, we examine how his ideas are shaping our future.

Wright’s life was dedicated to the creation of sustainable design, and to honor this milestone year, we continue our dedication to the preservation and thoughtful sharing of his work, so that his legacy of innovation will continue through the lives of others.

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Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture Announces New Branding

As part of its evolution into an independent graduate school of architecture, the professional architecture program established by Frank Lloyd Wright and carried on through the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is redefining and representing its identity this spring.

Conservation of Whitman Square

In January of 2017, a conservation team carried out a project to stabilize and preserve the history of Whitman Square at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West.

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Foundation Celebrates 150th Anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Birth

Paying tribute to one of history’s most influential and recognized cultural figures, this year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of American architect, designer, writer and educator, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Marin County Launches Interactive Frank Lloyd Wright App

The County of Marin has launched a downloadable mobile app showcasing the history of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marin County Civic Center.

Unity Temple restoration nears completion

The long-anticipated $23 million comprehensive restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, Illinois is expected to be complete by the end of May 2017.

Taliesin Tour Season Begins in Wisconsin

“You can wander through Taliesin for hours at a time and never stop seeing something new.” – Robert Campbell, Architectural Critic

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on Arizona Horizon

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation exists to preserve Taliesin and Taliesin West, and to contribute to society an understanding of the famous architect’s ideas and designs. Our president and CEO, Stuart Graff, visited with Ted Simons of Arizona Horizon to discuss our new vision for the Foundation.

Wright, in the Digital Age

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation relaunched its website this year, and as it marks the 150th anniversary of Wright’s birth, the site’s designers find the master’s timeless principles are as relevant as ever. Jeff Ficker describes this experience in the Winter 2017 issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly.